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Rules, FAQ etc

Post by Nick » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:56 pm

This is a forum created by Nick Robinson for all things releated to origami didactics (teaching) and research (history, theory etc). It is NOT, repeat NOT a forum for posting photos of your favourite or new models, asking for help with models or generally talking about the origami world. For that, please use Saj Khan's excellent forum That said, photos are welcome if they are relevant to the post and obviously discussion of good teaching models will take place.
  • Registering
    All memberships are by approval, if you apply, please be prepared to contribute something, or it's not worth joining.
    Please choose a sensible user name and inlcude an email address so we can verify who you are. Obscure/silly names during regiistration will be deleted, assuming you are spammers.

    You are required to register in order to post.
    The first 2 posts will need approving, thereafter posts go live immediately.
    Please post ideas and requests in the coffee lounge.
    Post photos only where they are interesting and relevant.
    Where appropriate, try to reply to existing posts rather than create a new topic.
    Please try to write in English, even bad English (Joan!), use a translation site if you need to. If this is not possible, you can write in your own language.
    Historical quotes from old texts should be in the original language, ideally accompanied by a translation or explanation.

    If you make a post considered by the moderators to be off topic, it will be removed and you will be told why. Repeated similar posts will mean you will be removed from the forum.
    Spam rules - one spam, you're barred - harsh but necessary!
New sub forums can be created on request, or if there are many posts on a given topic.


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